Wood grain ACP

Wooden ACP is one of the most popular aluminum composite panel in the world, which vividly imitate the wood texture, simple but nature. It is the perfect combination of wood natural beauty and excellent properties of aluminum wall cladding.

1. Advantages of wood grain aluminum composite panel

  • durable
Wood grain aluminum composite panel is an aluminum composite material with an advanced fluoropolymer finish that’s far more durable than real wood.
  • Various patterns
These wood grain panels offer the rich beauty of Mahogany, Walnut, Maple, Zebrawood, Teak, Oriental Cane or Harvest Trail Bamboo
  • Providing the elegant look

It is remarkably natural-looking finish in a variety of installations around the world.

2. Production technology

Timber Series finishes are created by applying a unique image transfer process over a color base coat.

3. Applications

  • cladding systems
  • modular buildings
  • fascia
  • accent bands,
  • canopies
  • column covers
  • signage
Wood grain aluminium composite panel presents us with the opportunity to enjoy the traditional wooden flair plus excellent features which make us trust the product.