What’s antistatic aluminum composite panel?

1.Definition of antistatic aluminum composite panel:

The antistatic aluminum-plastic panel is coated with an anti-static coating, and the surface resistivity is below 109 Ω, which is less than the surface resistivity of the ordinary aluminum-plastic panel, so that it is not easy to generate static electricity, and the dust in the air is not easily attached to the surface. It can play antistatic, dustproof, antifouling and antibacterial effects, and is suitable for interior panels of special requirements industry.

2.Features of antistatic aluminum sheet:

(1) Light weight, good rigidity and anti-wind pressure;

(2) Extremely strong composite fastness;

(3) Safe and non-toxic, fire resistance, temperature tolerance, anti-static;

(4) Durable coating performance;

(5) Shockproof, sound insulation and heat insulation;

(6) Easy to process and easy to install;

(7) Environmental protection, non-toxic, safe and reliable.

3.Application of antistatic aluminum composite panel:

Anti-static aluminum-plastic panels can be used in partition panels and ceilings in precision instrument factories, electronics factories, film printing plants, chemical warehouses, dangerous goods warehouses, computer rooms, hospitals, etc.