What’s ACP panel ?

1.Aluminum plastic plate definition:

Aluminium plastic board, it is the abbreviation of aluminium plastic composite board actually. The surface of the aluminum-plastic panel is a decorative surface composed of a coating or a film. The function is to decorate or protect the panel. The inside is a composite sheet of two layers and the middle is a core layer. The core layer is composed of plastic.

2.Classification of aluminum plastic board:

There are many kinds of aluminum-plastic panel, which is a new type of materials. It is generally classified according to its purpose, product function and surface decoration effect.

(1) aluminum plastic plates are classified by use

a.Aluminum composite panel for building curtain wall

The minimum thickness of the upper and lower aluminum plates is not less than 0.50 mm, and the total thickness should not be less than 4 mm. The aluminum material shall meet the requirements of GB/T3880. Generally, the aluminum alloy plate of series 3000, 5000 and so on shall be adopted, and the coating shall be coated with fluorocarbon resin.

b.Aluminium composite panel for exterior wall decoration and advertisement

The upper and lower aluminum plates shall be made of rust-proof aluminum with a thickness of not less than 0.20mm. The total thickness shall not be less than 4mm. The coating is generally a fluorocarbon coating or a polyester coating.

c.aluminum plastic plates for indoor use

The thickness of upper and lower aluminum plates is generally 0.20mm, and the minimum thickness is not less than 0.10mm, and the total thickness is generally 3mm.

The coating is coated with polyester or acrylic.

(2) aluminum plastic plates are classified according to product functions:

a.Fireproof aluminum plastic board

Flame retardant core material is selected, and the combustion performance of the product reaches the refractory level (B1 level) or non-combustible level (A level);

At the same time, other performance indicators must also meet the technical specifications of aluminum plastic plates.

b.Antibacterial and mould-resistant aluminum plastic plates

The coating with antibacterial and bactericidal effects is coated on the aluminum plastic board, so that it has the function of controlling the propagation of microorganisms and ultimately killing the bacteria.

c.Anti-static aluminum composite panel

The anti-static aluminum-plastic board adopts anti-static coating, and the surface resistivity is less than 109, which is lower than the surface resistivity of ordinary aluminum-plastic board. Therefore, it is not easy to generate static electricity and dust in the air is not easily attached to the surface.

(3) Aluminium composite panel is classified by surface decoration effect:

a.Coating decorative aluminum plastic board

Various decorative coatings are applied to the surface of aluminum plates. The coatings commonly used are   fluorocarbon, polyester, acrylic coating, including metal color, plain color, pearl color, fluorescent color and other colors, with a decorative effect, which are the most common species in the market.

b.Oxidized and colored aluminum plastic board

Anodic oxidation is adopted to deal with aluminum alloy panels timely, which can make panels be rose red, bronze and other unique colors to play a special decorative effect.

c.Laminated decorative composite board

That is, the color film according to the set technological conditions, relys on the role of adhesives to make the color pattern film adhere on the primed aluminum plate or directly on the degreased aluminum plate. The main varieties are marble color panel and wood color panel, etc.

d.Color printed aluminum plastic plates

Different patterns will be printed on the transfer paper with various imitation natural patterns through advanced computer photo printing technology, and then various imitation natural patterns are indirectly reproduced on the aluminum-plastic composite board by thermal transfer technology. It can meet the designer’s creativity and the owner’s personalized choice.

e.brushed aluminum composite panel

The aluminium alloy panel’s surface is treated with brushed silk processing, and the common products are gold and silver wire drawing , which bring people different visual enjoyment.

f.Mirror aluminum plastic plate

The surface of the aluminum alloy panel is polished to look like a mirror.

2.Technical parameters of aluminum plastic board:

(1) total thickness of aluminum plastic plate

The total thickness of the aluminum-plastic panel is 3–15mm, and the thickness of the aluminum-plastic panel of the curtain wall is 4mm.

(2) Specification of aluminum plastic panel

The standard size is 1220*2440mm, width is 1000–2000mm, length is 1000–6000mm, and special specifications are negotiated.

(3) Panel of aluminium plastic panel

The material is 3003 aluminum-manganese alloy, thickness is greater than or equal to 0.5mm (national standard for curtain wall aluminum-plastic composite panel), other thicknesses are customized according to customer requirements.

(4) The core material of aluminum plastic board

High pressure low density polyethylene, Class B fireproof core.

(5) The requirements for the backplane and panel of aluminum-plastic panel are the same

(6) The adhesive for the aluminum plastic plate is polymer film.

(7) Surface treatment of aluminum-plastic panel.

(8) The color of aluminum plastic board.

The colors of aluminum-plastic panel are plain, metallic, pearlescent, drawing, etc. It can also be customized according to customer’s color.

(9) Fireproof performance of aluminum-plastic board

The fire-resistance of aluminum-plastic panel is Grade B (GB8624-2012).

4.Characteristics of aluminum plastic board:


The product uses all kinds of high quality coating, does not need long-term maintenance, avoids the maintenance cost of high-rise large buildings. The urban pollution in China is serious. After a few years of use, it needs to be maintained and cleaned. Because of its good self-cleaning properties, only neutral detergents and fresh water are needed. After cleaning, the plates are permanently new.

(2) Durability:

Fluorocarbon-coated aluminum-plastic panel has the characteristics of durability, weather resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, and pollution resistance and so on.

(3) Lightweight:

Aluminium-plastic plate is made of aluminum alloy and high-quality plastic. It is lighter than other decorative materials, reduces the weight burden on the material, facilitates construction, and greatly shortens the construction period.

(4) Easy construction:

The aluminum plastic plate is easy to cut, cut, gouge, bend into arc, right Angle and other shapes, which can fully cooperate with decoration and design various shape changes.

(5) Fire resistance:

The outer aluminum foil of the aluminum-plastic panel can protect the polyethylene core material, and can prevent heat conduction during the early stage of combustion, and the fire-resistance meets international standards.

(6) Design:

Aluminium-plastic panels can produce distinctive colors and shapes according to customers’ requirements. They can satisfy designers’ unique designs and achieve perfect decorative effects.

(7) Environmental protection:

There is no change in the surface layer and no pollution to the environment.

(8) rich colors:

There are hundreds of colors for customers to choose from.

(9) high intensity:

The high strength of high quality aluminum panel greatly enhances the strength of aluminum plastic panel, and ensures the effect of anti-wind pressure, anti-shock, anti-leakage, anti-lightning and anti-impact of curtain wall.

(10) flatness:

The aluminum plastic plate provides excellent flat surface and satisfies the modern architecture’s pursuit of high visual sense.

5.Application of aluminum plastic board:

(1) External walls and curtain walls of the building.

(2) Exterior wall modification and renovation of the old building.

(3) Interior decoration of buildings and homes, such as: ceilings, partitions, various cabinets, bar tables, video walls, door and window jackets, and skirtings.

(4) All kinds of Kanban, billboards, sign boards,  publicity boards.

(5) Industrial materials, trains, ships, insulated van bodies.

(6) Used for decoration in places with high humidity (bathroom inner wall).


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