What building materials do you use to decorate your home? Aluminum composite panel or Aluminum veneer?

Many people face difficulties in the decoration of the house. On the one hand, they have the expectation of the new home. On the other hand, they face the colorful and dazzling decoration materials on the market. In the face of numerous products, users are indeed a bit stunned to choose, especially for many people who have no experience in housing. In order to facilitate everyone's choice, today I will introduce to you: home decoration, whether to choose aluminum veneer or aluminum composite panel.

1.The appearance of beauty

There are two types of aluminum veneers, fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneers and roller coatings, while aluminum-plastic composite panels have developed various processes such as roll coating, drawing, laminating, embossing, mirroring, etc., which are more abundant in color and pattern selection. Diverse.

2.Materials and cost

AA3003 aluminum alloy plate, generally used 2.5mm thick AA3003 aluminum alloy plate; aluminum-plastic composite board generally adopts 3-4mm three-layer structure, including two upper and lower 0.5mm sandwiched with PVC or PE. We can see from the material that the cost of aluminum-plastic composite panels is definitely much lower than that of aluminum veneers. The current market is probably 4mm thick composite board is lower than the price of 2.5mm thick Aabout 20 dollars / square, a 10,000 square project, the use of aluminum composite panel will be lower than the use of aluminum veneer to reduce the cost of 20 thousnad dollars.
However, the aluminum veneer on the market is positioned at a low level, and the aluminum-plastic plate is divided into different grades according to the thickness of the aluminum skin and the quality and thickness of the intermediate plastic.

3. Processing performance

     The aluminum-plastic panel can be used for slotting and turning, turning construction, etc. It is suitable for various occasions, but the aluminum veneer can not be slotted, bent, and the bonding effect is not as good as the aluminum-plastic panel.