The use of marble for curtain walls is too expensive. What material is cost-effective instead of marble ?

Aluminobond art fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel is a new type of decorative material specially developed for buildings with high exterior wall art design requirements.Due to the use of high-quality FEVE fluorocarbon materials, Aluminobond art fluorocarbon panels can meet the requirements of high-grade weather resistance.At the same time, it combines the other excellent properties of Aluminobond aluminum-plastic panel and promotes a new round of architectural exterior wall art revolution, such as

A. from heavy to light more plate and structure (the thinnest art fluorocarbon aluminum-plastic plate is 4 ㎜ ,which can weigh only 5 ㎏ / ㎡.)

B. Stone, wood, metal, color, curtain wall patterns are more abundant

C. Higher security performance

D. More flexible and convenient construction technology

E. Higher waterproof performance, extending the service life of curtain wall

F. Low carbon, environmental protection and energy saving, reducing VOC emissions