The Technological Installation Process of The ACP Billboard

The usual installation process of aluminium composite panel billboard is releasing line, fixing skeleton connector, fixing skeleton, installing the ACP, dealing with the closing structure, installing the advertising text and checking.

The installation precautions

1. The kind, quality, color, pattern and line should meet design requirement. And the ACP should own the product certification.
2. If the billboard skeleton apply light steel keel, its size and shape should be consistent with the design requirement. Also, we should deal with the rust of it and prevent the appearance of rust.
3.When the design have no requirement on the installation of the aluminium composite panel, the best way is to apply pulling core aluminium rivets. The distance between rivets should be controlled from 100mm to 150mm.

Releasing line

Fixing the skeleton and flicking the position of the skeleton onto the base. Ensuring the skeleton be fixed at the main structure and releasing line to check the quality of main structure.

Fixing skeleton connector

Fixing skeleton connector at the pillar of main structure.

Fixing skeleton

The skeleton is pretreated with anti-corrosion treatment. Installing the inspection center line, surface elevation, and so on. In order to ensure the installation accuracy of the board, it is advisable to use the theodolite to penetrate the beam girders. The deformation joints, settlement joints, and variable cross-sections are properly treated to meet the requirements for use.

Installing the ACP

The installation of the aluminium composite panel should be easy to carry out and should be fixed firmly. The gap between boards should be flat and smooth. We should use plastic film to cover the position that is easy to be polluted after installation.