What is the standard price for aluminum curtain panel manufacturers in Jiangsu?

The use of aluminum-plastic panels in building curtain wall decoration and renovation of building exterior walls is becoming more and more widespread.Aluminobond artistic fluorocarbon aluminum-plastic composite panel is very popular with users due to its advantages of lightweight texture, rich patterns, fast construction, waterproof and shock resistance, easy cleaning, and durability.Price of aluminium plastic board is a topic that people pay close attention to all the time, so what is the price of aluminium plastic board?

Aluminobond aluminum plastic panels are divided into Aluminobond art fluorocarbon aluminum plastic panels and Aluminobond variety aluminum plastic panels, which are used for outdoor curtain walls and interior decoration.The surface coating of two aluminum plastic plates is different, which determines the different applicable occasions and different aluminum-plastic plate prices.Aluminobond Variety Aluminium Plastic Sheets, whose surface is a composite Polaroid decorative color film, are not suitable for outdoor use and will accelerate the aging process and cause discoloration. The surface coating of Aluminobond art fluorocarbon aluminum plastic board adopts strong anti-ultraviolet capability of teflon carbon coating, generally speaking, a piece of aluminum plastic board price should be no less than 120 yuan.