The Reason Why the ACP Curtain Wall is Economic and Practical

Why the curtain wall made of aluminium composite panel is so economic and practical? The ACP products themselves are cheap and easy to be machined. In terms of the price of the board itself, compared with aluminum honeycomb panel, the price of aluminium honeycomb is twice higher than the ACP. In terms of the finished aluminium plate components, the cost of each square meter of the ACP is cheaper thirty percent than the single aluminium board components. In order to face the fierce market competition and blind bartering, many ACP manufacturers and curtain wall producers may cut down the materials use. The principle is that the aluminium composite panel curtain must be made by 0.5mm aluminium alloy plate and the surface of the aluminium board must be disposed by fluorocarbon coating. However, in fact, ingredients of many aluminium alloy board don’t meet the requirements. For instance, the outside aluminium board is thinner than 0.4mm and the thickness of the inner board is decreased to 0.3mm. More seriously, some projectors may apply 3mm indoor decoration board into the outdoor decoration directly, and some may apply the dumped panel to decorate the curtain wall, which result the panel separated from the composite plastic due to insufficient adhesive strength.

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