Quality assurance of aluminum plastic sheet

Aluminum plastic plates must meet the following standards under normal conditions:

1. Under normal weather conditions, no peeling, frothing, crack or powdering occurs on the surface of the paint.

2. Under normal conditions, there is no stripping or bubbling of sheet materials.

3. When the plate is exposed to normal radiation or temperature conditions, no chromatic aberration occurs.

4. According to the international standard inspection methods, all the indicators meet the requirements of national standards and enterprise standards or contract requirements.

5. The produced fluorocarbon exterior wall panels that  in accordance with the national standard GB/T17748-1999 , coating is adopted 70% fluorocarbon resin, which can provide 10-15 years of quality assurance under normal climate and environmental conditions. In addition to the physical and mechanical properties of common aluminum composite panels, fire rated aluminum composite panels also have good fire performance, and their combustion performance meets or exceeds the B1 level specified in QB8624.

Fireproof aluminum composite panels must meet the above criteria under normal circumstances. If they fail to reach, they can be returned for claims for loss.