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Marble series—ED07-AL60

Product        Model ED07-AL60
Product        Name: Marble series
Product AppliationSuitable for exterior wall curtain wall, signboard advertising, bus station, bank, shopping mall, hospital, etc.

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     Aluminobond aluminium composite panel  is made of high-grade decorative pattern aluminum, which is a high-temperature composite of aluminum thin and plastic core material.

    Generally, the front side needs to be processed by the pattern process, the back light aluminum is cleaned and smeared according to the demand, and then the extruded plastic core material is combined by machine heating. The front side generally has a decorative function, and the back side is coated to provide protection.

    1. Easy installation, saving time and effort

    The product structure is light and can be shaped and constructed by ordinary woodworkers, completely independent of the main conditions and processing equipment.

    2. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, safe and secure

    Aluminobond aluminium composite panel  has passed PSB fire test, SGS fire test, China fire test, aluminum composite plate standard test, Russian fire G1 test, SGS REACH86 non-toxic test. The test result proves that Aluminobond aluminium composite panel is a real order. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly building decoration products that people can use with confidence.

    3. Colorful choices, widely used

    1. Applicable places – residential, hotel, hall, office, enterprise, government, shopping mall, KTY, gym, entertainment city;

    2. Applicable surface – exterior wall curtain wall, interior wall, ceiling, cabinet, wardrobe, electrical surface .

    3. Completely solve the drawbacks of paint, paint and wallpaper – completely replace fireproof board, aluminum veneer, wood grain decorative board, tile, marble, wallpaper, etc., making life easier.

    4. The style is self-contained, and the personality is self-contained – fashion, simplicity, luxury, noble, pastoral, retro, warm and romantic. . . . . .

    Product Features

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