Polaroid Green Wood Grain Deep Processing Film

Human beings can’t live without nature and get comfortable in the mud and trees. Accumulated over the years, humans have formed a strong emotional wood culture complex. The wood grain decoration is also widely used in construction, furniture, living tools and other aspects.

Polaroid uses advanced technology to create a vivid wood grain film , providing people with more choice of decoration.

The texture of wood grain film is more exquisite and realistic, and it can not be distinguished from the wood, compared with solid wood:

First, it has the characteristics of non-corrosive, easy maintenance, waterproof, mildew proof, free from insects, long product service life, wear-resistant, do not need to periodically wax maintenance like wooden products, it is a green, environmentally friendly material.

Second, super anti-pollution ability, surface contamination can be removed by simply wiping with a wet rag.

Third, safety and non-toxic, it has passed various REACH non-hazardous material testing, EU ROHS testing, national and world food grade requirements testing, antibacterial, anti-mildew and other functional tests.

The environmental protection wood grain deep processing film can be used for building exterior walls, interior design, home appliance decoration, article packaging, various types of plate decoration surface, such as VCM plate, aluminum plate, aluminum plate, honeycomb plate, fireproof plate, PVC plate, stainless steel plate, color plate , Caiwa and other kinds of plates.