How to paste aluminum plastic panel

Because of the superior usability and top-grade visual effect of aluminum composite panel, the ACP are widely used in outdoor wall, indoor wall, column cover, ceiling floor and all kinds indicators.

Generally speaking, there are two paste methods to paste the ACP: one is to use 3MVHB tap, another is to use universal glue. 3MVHB tape uses dots touch to paste and universal glue uses cover touch to paste. The two paste ways are usually used in the indoor decoration.

The paste method of 3MVHB tape: 3MVHB tape is a new product which can replace screw and rivet and so on. 3MVHB tape is easy to use. The tape need to be used on clean, dry, comfortable and smooth surface, for instance, aluminum alloy and glass have good adhesive property. Therefore, we should use detergent to clean the panel surface, then uncover the protective film of VHB tape, and then we should paste tape on the surface of the ACP and verify the position of wall and cylinder. In the end, we uncover another protective film and place the panel onto the installation surface. The distance between the dots or strips on panel is shorter than 500mm.

The paste method of universal glue: We should use thick wood to make basic surface, then we should install the position line on the ACP and the basic surface. Applying the universal glue on both surfaces. 3 to 5 minutes later, we can paste the position line of the ACP on the wood basic surface and exert pressure on the surface of the ACP.