Nano fluorocarbon aluminum plastic plate pk fluorocarbon aluminum plastic plate

The nano fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel is sprayed with a self-cleaning protective layer on the surface of the fluorocarbon coating, which can be separated from pollutants such as ash layer and decompose organic pollutants in the atmosphere to achieve self-cleaning effect.

Nano fluorocarbon aluminum composite panels and fluorocarbon aluminum composite panels are mainly compared from the coating:


  1. Detailed structure

The nano-fluorocarbon coating adopts nano material resin, and the particle size is about 0.03μ-0.01μ, which is smooth and fine; the surface coating particle size of the fluorocarbon coating is more than 0.0μ, and the surface is smooth.


  1. Stain resistance

The surface of the nano fluorocarbon coating is fine and smooth, the air dust oil is difficult to adhere and easy to clean; the fluorocarbon coating dust particle size is similar to the coating particle size and is easy to adhere.


  1. Self-cleaning

The surface particle of nano-fluorocarbon coating is very small, the surface tension is large, and the dust particle is easily taken away by the wind and water; the surface tension of the fluorocarbon coating is small, the adhesion of dust and oil is large, and the water droplets move in a sliding manner, which is difficult to carry. From dust particles.


  1. Washability

The nano-fluorocarbon coating was wiped more than 10,000 times; the fluorocarbon coating was wiped several thousand times.


  1. Weather resistance

The nano-fluorocarbon coating adopts the international leading “three-coating” technology, and has higher weather resistance and color protective layer. The nano-coating forms a protective film on the surface of the coating to prevent oxidation and aging of the coating. The warranty is 20 years; the fluorocarbon coating adopts the traditional general “two-coating” technology, and the warranty is 15 years.