How much is a square fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel of curtain wall?

There are two factors that users are generally concerned about when choosing whether to choose aluminum-plastic panel to decorate the curtain wall. One is the price of aluminum-plastic panel, and the other is the quality of aluminum-plastic panel.After all, good quality aluminum-plastic panels will be selected by consumers.What about the price and quality of curtain wall products?

How much is a square fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel of curtain wall?

The price of the curtain wall aluminum composite panel is actually comparable to the price of other panels, and their prices are affected by the fluctuations in the material, performance, specifications and dimensions of the fabric and the price of the panels on the market. As far as the curtain wall aluminum-plastic panel on the market is concerned, the better price is between a few hundred yuan, and the price of the slightly lower-quality aluminum-plastic panel is about one hundred  yuan or less than 100 yuan.

What about Aluminobond’s art fluorocarbon aluminum plates?

1. As a new decorative material, Aluminobond art fluorocarbon aluminum plastic board is a new decorative material specially developed for buildings with high artistic design requirements for external walls.
The use of high quality FEVE fluorocarbon materials enables Aluminobond’s art fluorocarbon plates to meet high grade requirements for sun and weather resistance.

2. The artistic fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel combines the other excellent properties of Aluminobond aluminum-plastic panel: the diversity of color options, convenient construction methods, excellent processing performance, light texture, and low-carbon environmental protection,it is rapidly favored by the market.

3. Aluminobond art fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel adopts a new technology, which improves the peeling strength of the key technical index of aluminum-plastic composite panel to a better state, and improves the flatness and weather resistance performance of the aluminum plastic composite panel. The middle of the aluminum-plastic panel is flame-retardant PE plastic core material, and both sides are aluminum layers that particularly difficult to burn. Therefore, it is a safety fireproof material that meets the fire resistance requirements of building regulations.

4. The weight of Aluminobond art fluorocarbon aluminum plastic panel is only about 3.5-5.5 kg per square meter, so it can reduce the damage caused by the earthquake disaster and it is easy to transport.Its superior workability only requires simple woodworking tools to complete various forms such as cutting, edge cutting, bending, and right angles. It can be combined with designers to make various changes, and installation is simple and quick, which can reduce construction costs.

5. Strong impact, high toughness, no damage to the surface paint due to bending, strong impact resistance, and no damage caused by wind and sand in windy and sanday areas.

I believe that after reading these introductions, you should have a general understanding of aluminum-plastic panel and its prices. You may choose Aluminobond art fluorocarbon aluminum-plastic panels for curtain wall decoration.