Mosaic decoration style, you deserve it!

Mosaic decoration style was popular in the 80’s. Nowadays, mosaic decoration style become popular again. In the traditional concept, mosaic was used to decorate bathroom wall. However, with the characteristics of varied specifications and rich colors, mosaic can be wildly used into various occasions. What an unpredictable and versatile decorative material it is!

Customized Aluminium Composite Panel can satisfy your need in mosaic decoration.

  1. Nordic style mosaic
    Nordic style mosaic has strong postmodernism characteristics, which pays attention to designing smooth line. This style returns to nature and advocates the charm of wood. Modern, practical and exquisite art design style reflects the melodies of modern urban life.
  2. Simple style mosaic
    Simple but elegant! This taste is reflected in the details of the design.
  3. European style mosaic
    European style has strong special cultural trend, which can express cultural connotation deeply.
  4. Modern style mosaic
    Modern style is very popular in the decoration nowadays, which pursues fashion and tideway and pays great attention to the perfect combination of layout and function of living space.
  5. Farmhouse style mosaic
    Farmhouse style advocates “returning to nature”.It is a style that is close to nature and longing for nature.
  6. Mediterranean style mosaic
    The overall style is free, colorful and bright!
  7. Southeast Asian style mosaic
    This style is suitable for somebody who like to close to nature and live in comfort.

All above is the introduction of the mosaic decoration. Mosaic decoration is personalized that it can be designed into different shape, color, size and pattern. But how can we get these beautiful mosaic decoration? Which brand can make those decoration and aluminium plastic composite (acp) combine better? The answer is Aluminobond undoubtedly.
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