Methods for avoiding cracks in aluminium plastic plates

With more and more extensive use of aluminum-plastic panels, there will be some problems in the use , following the aluminum-plastic board manufacturers to understand how the aluminum-plastic composite board cracks.

The main reasons for cracks in aluminum-plastic panels are as follows:

1. In summer, the temperature is too high, the extrusion temperature of aluminum profiles is too high, and the tensile strength of the metal surface is decreased. Under the action of friction, cracks are likely to occur on the surface of aluminum plastic plates.

2. When the extrusion speed is too high, the increase of the additional tensile stress on the metal surface will lead to cracks in the profile.

3.The metal surface is subjected to additional tensile stress due to friction.When the additional tensile stress is greater than the tensile strength of the surface metal, cracks will occur, but this is less likely to occur.

Knowing the causes of cracks occured during the use of aluminum plastic panel can solve a large part of cracks problems of aluminum plastic panels.However, only choosing reliable aluminum composite plates can solve the quality problem fundamentally,Alumibond aluminum plastic board is trustworthy.