The method of recycling aluminum plastic board

Many customers must have heard from the salesperson when buying aluminum composite panels, aluminum composite panels are a new type of environmentally-friendly building materials, and everyone may wonder: why they said aluminum composite panels are environmental?  In fact, the environmental protection of aluminum composite panels is reflected in the fact that it does not emit toxic gases and harmful gases and water during the production process. At the same time, aluminum composite panels can also be recycled and reused, which is a renewable resource.

As a professional aluminum composite board manufacturers, ALUMINOBOND  tell you how the Aluminobond aluminum composite board can be recycled.

We commonly used ALUMINOBOND aluminum composite panels can separate aluminum and plastic by technology, and the plastic can be processed into black particles after recycling. At present, many manufacturers use black PE particles for aluminum-plastic plates.

After the waste plastics are processed into granules, they only change their appearance and shape, do not change their chemical properties, and still have good comprehensive material properties. They can meet the technical requirements of blown film, wire drawing, pipe drawing, injection molding, and extrusion profiles. In the production of plastic products.

In daily life, recycled particles can be used to make all kinds of plastic bags, buckets, pots, toys, furniture, stationery and other life tools and various plastic products; it has a wide range of applications, mainly in the following areas: clothing industry, construction Materials, agriculture, machinery industry, chemical industry, electrical industry and telecommunications industry.