What materials shall we choose for the restaurant wall decoration ? Aluminum plastic plate is good or latex paint?

The wall decoration of the restaurant and the decoration of the commercial restaurant wall are different. There are many kinds of wall decoration materials about the restaurant. When selecting the wall decoration materials for the commercial restaurant, the aluminum-plastic panel is one of the frequently used materials. So, how to choose aluminum plastic plate for the commercial restaurant wall decoration?

Latex paint finishes is adopted generally for restaurant wall decoration, this is a well-known decoration method, but can latex paint also used for commercial restaurant wall decoration materials? The answer is obviously negative. Latex paint cannot be used in the decoration of commercial catering industry.

First of all, commercial restaurants exist in the form of business. The flow of people, the number of people dining out is larger than that of home restaurants, the unintended wear of the human body on the walls, the collision of tables and chairs against the walls are also large, at the same time, in public places, the deliberate protection of the wall by the customer during the meal is also unmatched by the home restaurant, and latex paint cannot afford the burden of protecting the wall.

Secondly, due to the existence of hot pots and wines in commercial restaurants, the density of soot and moisture level is far greater than that of domestic restaurants. Latex paints have poor anti-soot and moisture resistance properties. Once oily or wet, cleaning is troublesome or even impossible to clean up.These two points prove that latex paint is not suitable for commercial restaurants.

So, what material is suitable for a commercial restaurant? According to years of experience, restaurant decoration professionals recommend you Aluminobond aluminum plastic sheets.

Compared to marble, Aluminobond Variety Aluminium Plastic Plates are relatively affordable , construction is relatively simple, light weight on the wall, coupled with modern aluminum-plastic plate in the style and color is more and more beautiful, so it is preferred.

Secondly, Aluminobond Variety Aluminium Plastic Panels have good advantages in terms of moisture proof, oil proof and collision avoidance.