The material requirements of aluminum composite panel—Coating

The curtain wall panel coating material should be made of fluorocarbon resin with excellent weather resistance, or other materials with comparable or superior properties.

At present, the most widely used polyvinylidene fluoride fluorocarbon resin (PVDF) with excellent weather resistance, but pure PVDF resin should not be directly coated on aluminum, but some other materials should be added to change its coating performance. That is, it constitutes a so-called 70% fluorocarbon resin.

70% fluorocarbon resin, refers to the production of aluminum coating paint used in various raw materials, PVDF accounted for 70% of resin raw materials.

Since the paint also contains pigments and other components and a fluorocarbon resin coating usually has a non-fluorocarbon resin primer, the final content of PVDF in the total coating of the aluminum composite panel is about 25% to 45%.

The above is the coating requirements of aluminum-plastic panels.