There are many kinds of specifications for aluminum plastic composite panels. Have you chosen the right one?

To select the appropriate aluminum plastic composite panel’ specifications:

As the black horse in the decorative building industry, the aluminum plastic composite panel is not only diverse in variety but also widely used. It attracts more and more attention and use, and the market is heating up, which benefits from the development of the real estate industry and the improvement of people’s living standard. Although the aluminum-plastic plate has become more and more popular, decoration should not blindly follow the trend, choosing the appropriate specification of aluminum plastic composite panel according to their own style of decoration and pattern design to customize a comfortable and beautiful environment.

Specifications of Aluminobond aluminum composite panel:

In order to meet the needs of different customers and deal with the decoration of different applications, there are several specifications of Alusign aluminum composite panel, which can be customized according to customer needs:
A: Aluminium skin thickness: 0.50*0.50mm, 0.40*0.40mm, 0.30*0.30mm, 0.21*0.21mm, 0.15*0.15mm, 0.12mm*0.12mm, 0.10mm*0.10mm;
B: Width: 1000mm ,1220mm (regular),1250mm,1300mm, 1500mm, 1550mm, 1570mm, 1575mm (Maximum);
Note: if the thickness of aluminum is less than 0.20mm, it is not allowed to make aluminum plastic panel with width of more than 1500mm.
C. Length: 2440mm (regular), and tailored by customers’ offers; 6500mm(Maximum);
D. Standard size: 1220mm (Width) * 2440mm (Length)

Where are the different specifications of aluminum-plastic panels suitable for use?

Although 3mm is only a millimetre short of 4mm or 2mm about aluminum composite panel, this millimetre gives them different properties and applications. The thickness of aluminum is not the bigger the better, it should be selected according to the application site and construction technology.

Aluminum thickness selection for Indoor aluminum Plastic composite:

Panels: When indoor aluminum plastic board is selected, the choice of size and specification must be careful. Generally, the thickness of upper and lower aluminum plates is 0.2mm, the minimum thickness is greater than or equal to 0.1mm, and the total thickness is generally 3mm.

Aluminum thickness selection for door head advertisement:

Generally, the door head of aluminum plastic panel is made with the product structure of panel’s thickness is not less than 4mm, and aluminum’ thickness is not less than 0.21mm. If the thinner aluminum composite panels are used, such structures as the thickness of panel is 4mm, and its aluminum thickness is 0.15mm, or panel’s thickness is 3mm and aluminum’s thickness is 0.21mm, they may also be considered. The quality is slightly worse, of course, the cost is lower.

Aluminum thickness selection for aluminum composite panel of exterior wall:

The exterior walls need to face many complex environmental impacts. Therefore, aluminum composite panels for exterior walls should be choosed with specific characteristics, such as oxidation resistance, wind resistance, and fire resistance.

The selection of aluminum thickness for curtain wall aluminum composite panel:

The materials used in building curtain walls all are required high specifications, must be anti-rust and anti-oxidation, and must not be deformed easily within a certain period of time. The thickness of the upper and lower aluminum shall be adopted high-quality southwestern aluminum with a thickness over or equal to 0.5mm, and the total thickness shall not be less than 4mm.
Can you choose the correct specification of aluminum composite panel after I introduced to you so much? Alusign, the brand of aluminum-plastic panel, you chose, you right.