Which kind of exterior wall decoration material is better?

What are the main materials used for exterior wall decoration?

Excellent exterior walls can give buildings different styles, whose decoration should pay attention to safety, environmental protection, durability, weather resistance and decoration. The main decoration used for exterior wall are : decorative stone, glass curtain wall, exterior wall face brick, etc. The former three kinds of decorative materials have various problems:

1. Decorative stone:

It is easy to be exposed to external vibration to form bright lines, easy to break, strong oil absorption, poor fire resistance, and difficult construction, high cost, radiation, etc.

2.Glass curtain wall:

The glass curtain wall causes changing images, causing visual fatigue to pedestrians and drivers, easily leading to accidents and causing “light pollution”.

3.Exterior wall face brick:

It consumes large amounts of energy and land resource, and it is unsafe for use.

4. aluminium plastic composite panel :

High strength, easy to maintain, strong weathering and acid resistance; simple processing, easy to use; strong plasticity, impact resistance, strong shock resistance, etc.
Next, I would like to talk about the advantages of Alusign PVDF compared with other exterior wall facing materials:

1. Know about the PVDF:

PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride, whose appearance is translucent or white powder or particles, tightly arranged between molecular chains, and it has strong hydrogen bonds, its oxygen index is 46%, so it is non-flammable, its crystallinity is 65% to 78%, and density is 1.17~1.19g/m3, melting point is 170°C, long-term use temperature is -40~150°C.

2. Features of Pvdf:

  • PVDF has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, high temperature color degeneration and oxidation resistance.
  • PVDF has excellent wear resistance, flexibility, high anti-inflation strength and impact resistance.
  • PVDF has excellent UV resistance and high energy radiation.
  • PVDF has poor hydrophilicity.
  • Fluorinated resin can be ejected  and extruded from pvdf.
  • Good heat resistance and high dielectric strength.

3. Polyvinylidene fluoride aluminum plastic composite board is compared with other exterior wall decorative materials:

  • Waterproof: It will not be corroded when faced with wind and rain.

  • Weather resistance: aluminium plastic composite panel can not be faded under the environment of high temperature and sunlight. It can be used for 10 to 15 years and is durable.

  • Self-cleaning property: aluminum plastic board is widely used in exterior walls. It is also easy to clean due to its self-cleaning property and remains brilliant for many years.

  • Easy installation and modeling: the aluminum plastic board has the characteristics of easy modeling, simple construction, good decorative effect. The color is rich and bright, and the color can be changed to maintain the freshness of the building.

  • Safety and environmental protection: non-toxic and environment-friendly plate, which will not cause “light pollution”, no radiation, no potential safety risks of falling, etc.
Do you still struggle with the choice of exterior decoration materials after I’ve introduced to you so much ?  Polyvinylidene fluoride aluminum plastic composite panel is willing to provide you with the best customer experience.