How to install the aluminum composite panel?

In the daily construction process, we will often use aluminum composite panels. How to install aluminum composite panels? Many people may not be very clear. Today we will explain to you:

  1. Board-to-board connection

    Aluminum composite panel and another aluminum composite panel or other materials, connected by rivets, bolts, screws, nails, etc. However, since the surface of aluminum composite panel is aluminum, electrochemical corrosion occurs when it is connected with different metal materials. When the back of the board is in contact with other materials, no surface treatment is required, but aluminum or stainless steel riveted bolts or the like must be used to connect the board or board with other metal materials. When contacting other different materials (such as steel plates), a layer of at least 25μ thick protective layer should be laid between the aluminum composite panel and the steel plate contact surface. Can use galvanized or insulating materials, such as polyethylene insulation tape can be placed between the steel plate and aluminum plate.

  2. Prefabricated panel with Z-shaped aluminum corners

    One side of the corner material is bonded with the back of the prefabricated panel with high-strength structural adhesive. The middle side of the corner material and the flange of the panel are connected with rivets to prepare a prefabricated panel on the wall.

  3.  Pre-assembled prefabricated panels are bolted to the keel, taking care to adjust the panel to the same level and using rivets and self-tapping screws.Above from three aspects simply introduced the installation of aluminum composite panel, hope to be helpful to everyone.