How to install aluminium composite panel for exterior wall

At present, aluminum-plastic panels are used more in interior decoration, and its many advantages have always been favored by consumers. As a new type of decorative material, many people use it as the first choice for decoration. But what are the precautions when installing aluminum-plastic panels? I will analyze it for you today.

1.The coating direction will cause slight color difference

When installing the aluminum plastic plates of metal color, flash color and stone grain series, it is important to install them in the direction marked on the protective film, otherwise the color difference will be caused by the inconsistent installation direction.

2.Protective properties of protective film

During the installation process, do not remove the protective film to protect the board surface from being scratched or stuck with mud. Under normal climatic conditions, the protective film is torn off within six months without gel transfer and other damage to the board. Of course, it is best to tear off the protective film in time after the construction.

3.Plasticizer can cause gloss difference

Do not attach PVC tape, polyurethane sealant and modified silica gel to the protective film of aluminum-plastic panel, because the plasticizer contained in these materials will penetrate the protective film, causing the gloss of the coating to change.