How much do you know about custom cabinets?

Nowadays, no matter what type of house, custom cabinets have entered many homes and become an indispensable home space in the home. The main function of the custom cabinet is to store clothes, which is favored by consumers. So how much do you know about custom cabinets?

Custom cabinet considerations:

1. Pay attention to whether the materials are environmentally friendly.

   The environmental protection grade of the board can be divided into: EO grade (≤0.6mg/L), E1 grade (≤1.6mg/L), and E2 grade (≤5.6mg/L).

2. Pay attention to material quality

   Look at the quality of the material, because the quality of the material determines the service life of the wardrobe, in addition to the hardware, sheet surface, adhesive and other details.

3. Pay attention to sales service

   To choose reliable after-sales service, the problem is even more assured.

The selection of custom cabinet product :

1.Particle board

   The particleboard is made by high temperature processing, and the two sides of the tissue are pressed into a plate with fine wood fibers. The characteristic is that it is not easy to be deformed and the nail holding power is good. The disadvantage is the curved section treatment, which requires high processing machinery.

2. MDF

   The main features of the MDF are good surface flatness, high strength, uniform density and easy processing. The disadvantage is that the water resistance is poor and it is easily deformed.

3. Aluminum composite panel

   The aluminum-plastic composite board belongs to the new decorative board, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, free of formaldehyde and other harmful gas hazards. It has the relevant national certificate and is safe and reliable. In addition, the aluminum-plastic panel has many color styles, and the installation is made of glass glue, which is convenient and quick, and the aluminum-plastic panel has waterproof and moisture-proof characteristics and has a long service life. Widely used in wardrobes, cabinet decoration!