High gloss fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel performance.

Aluminobond high gloss fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel performance.

In order to meet the current market requirements for new building materials, aluminum-plastic panels have continuously developed high-gloss aluminum-plastic composite panels.As many new building materials continue to emerge,With the appearance of glass and lacquered glass, we can make a bold attempt to improve the gloss of the product on the basis of the matte finish of the original aluminum composite panel, which can be compared with the lacquered glass.

Performance characteristics:

1. High gloss, original matte gloss is about 20 degrees, and high gloss series gloss can reach 80~90 degrees.

2.The color is more vivid and bright, and the high-gloss series products was used FEVE fluorocarbon raw materials to make the color more vivid and realistic than the traditional matte products.

3.With excellent weather resistance, excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, the company’s high-light fluorocarbon series products can provide 8~15 years of quality assurance under normal outdoor environment.

4.Good performance, easy processing, small quality, good flatness and rich colors.

5. Fields of use: exterior wall decoration, outdoor signage, signage, store signs, billboards, etc.