The guide on cleaning exterior wall of aluminum plastic plate manufacturers

Nowadays,most buildings are high-rise,whose exterior walls are mostly decorated with aluminum plastic plates.The external walls are exposed for a long time and are easily attached with dust. They need to be cleaned and wiped frequently to ensure that the building is clean and beautiful and the interior is bright.

The cleaning of the aluminum plastic plate on the outer wall of the building needs to be operated in the outdoor and high in the air.It is necessary to use lifting tools such as baskets, hanging plates, and lift tables. The operation is very difficult and dangerous.Operators must undergo strict physical examination, strict training, strict compliance with the operation and safety standards,to ensure the high quality and efficient completion of the overall cleaning of exterior wall aluminum plastic board.

1.Cleaning method of high-altitude outer wall aluminum plastic plate material:

1) According to the exterior wall aluminum-plastic panel wall material and the degree of contamination, determine the appropriate cleaning agents and tools, small pieces of cleaning test should be done if necessary.
2) Find out the condition of the roof and confirm the water source and power supply.
3) formulate the overall operational plan.
Matters needing attention: make sure the roof and floor are monitored and the communication tools are free to contact at any time.

2. Install external wall cleaning equipment, tools and special cleaning agents, etc.

3. Connect the high-pressure washing machine to the power source and water source, install the flushing hose, and check the effect of the water gun.

4. Workers wear working clothes and carry tools and detergents on hanging baskets or hanging plates.

5. The operation method should be from top to bottom.