First-rate service

First-rate service of our Aluminobond

1.The first reason why a company can grow and develop lies in excellent team worker.

We have a professional and excellent team:

A. Our customer service and sales staff are highly qualified, highly educated, honest and patient.
Our company adhering to the “sincere, the spirit of ownership, the customer first, passionate optimism, professional persistence of excellence, embrace innovation, strict implementation, team cooperation” this value has trained a number of sustainable and quality foreign trade Comprehensive talents.

B. Our customer service and sales staff are fluent in English and Spanish and can effectively communicate with customers around the world in good faith and friendly manner. They can improve communication efficiency and save a lot of time costs.

C. Our customer service and sales staff are professional and dedicated, knowledgeable about product knowledge, able to quickly and efficiently solve customer problems, and provide professional and effective advice.

2. Can provide professional pre-sales and after-sales service

Pre-sales service

A. We provide free samples to help our customers better understand our products

B. We provide free color matching service to help customers better understand our company’s strength and help customers solve problems more quickly.

C. We provide various types of problems and consulting services. We can provide customers with the most suitable and most satisfactory solutions and various suggestions for customers’ needs. For example, special application environments require different aluminum composite panels.

After-sales service

Good after-sales service is one of the most important issues for every customer. Good after-sales service contains the following points

A. The delivery time is accurate and strictly enforced according to the contract
In foreign trade transactions, delivery time is one of the concerns of many customers. In the context of product quality and safety issues, all customers want their products to be deliveried soon, so delivery time is one of the key issues.
Well, in so many large and small factories and trading companies in China, there are a lot of problems that can cause credit problems to customers due to delivery deadlines. From the point of view of ITEM delivery, many can not fulfill the customer’s situation within the commitment period, then as a truly good supplier, there will be strict management and control, and it will be absolutely unambiguous in the delivery period. .
The following is Aluminobond’s rule on the issue of delivery:
Our company has strict regulations. The delivery period must be reflected in the contract and it will be executed in accordance with the contract. If there are a few emergencies, we will negotiate and communicate with customers. If not, we will lose money to customers as required.

B. Often do foreign trade business, will inevitably encounter some situations, there will be some guest complaints. However, for a good supplier, relatively speaking, the customer complaints are relatively few, and in time, it also has enough strength to properly resolve the customer complaints. Aluminobond is a company specializing in the production of aluminum composite panel for 18 years. We have a lot of old customers who cooperated with us over 15 years. We rarely have guest complaints, but it is inevitable that there will be customer complaints. How do good suppliers handle it? Below I will use the following examples to illustrate:
We have a Ghanaian customer who purchased our exterior aluminum composite panels with one container. After three months of use, the customer responded that the color of the aluminum composite panels had changed and faded. And our aluminum composite panels itself has a warranty period. The warranty of interior aluminum composite panels is 8 years, and the waranty of exterior aluminum composite panel is 15 years, so our color is impossible to use for three months to change color. So we communicated and worked hard to help customers find the cause of the problem, and finally learned that the customer did not tell us about his use of the environment: When customers purchase aluminum composite panel, we will ask its application, but the customer is just tell us that they want to use it outdoors and not to say that they are on the outdoor wall of the sea. If used on the seashore, aluminum composite panel is required to use special materials to resist salt and alkali. Later, because we promptly help customers find out the reasons and provide solutions, customers finally repurchased one container aluminum composite panels from us.

C. As a professional manufacturer of aluminum composite panels, Aluminobond is absolutely able to give customers preferential advantages in price. Aluminobond is such a supplier. For the next two orders within three months, even if the price of raw materials rises, we can promise to give customers the maximum support to keep the price unchanged, and help customers to arrange the purchase plan rationally. This is also one of the keys to the long-term relationship between customers and suppliers.