Fireproof Aluminium Composite Panel—Identify Authenticity

Today, I want to tell everybody how to identify authenticity of the ACP according to the color themselves. I hope this blog can be helpful for you.
According to the color of the ACP core material, Authentic B1 fireproof aluminium composite panel contain a large amount of active inorganic flame retardant and their core material apply halogen free flame retardant polyethylene as core material. So their color are usually white.
Peeling surface and section of supposititious B1 fireproof aluminium composite panel are usually grayish white and dark white. The core material of ordinary ACP are usually black.
In recent years, due to the vicious competition of the entire aluminum plastic panel industry, many industries apply waste polyethylene film reclaimed material to decrease cost. Therefore, it has also been found many supposititious B1 fireproof aluminium composite panel in the market.
Above is the method to distinguish the fireproof aluminum plastic panel from their color.