Examples of seamless splicing of aluminum plastic plate.

Many customers will ask a question when they use the Aluminobond aluminum-plastic panes to decorate the door or curtain wall:Will aluminum-plastic panels leave seams when applied to the door or the exterior wall?A seamless stitching or a gap?Before answering this question,we must understand the purpose of seamlessness and jointing at first.

1.Generally speaking, Aluminobond aluminum plastic board is used as the curtain wall, and its installation must be set aside to prevent the space between the plates to be buffered and adjusted automatically when there is a violent vibration on the surface of the earthquake building

2.You will certainly leave gaps if you use the dry-hanging method when installing the aluminum-plastic panel on the door. . If the tile is to achieve a seamless effect, the material to be selected is a material that does not expand or shrink. The base keel is to be flat and the base plywood is made of a multilayer board (aluminum-plastic panel is not easily deformed when it is mounted and bonded).

3.The requirements for seamless installation are relatively high. The four sides of the panel must be very flat, and each board and board must be connected together,be flat to achieve a seamless effect. In addition, environmental climate and temperature changes should be taken into account, as well as the thermal expansion and shrinkage factors of the material itself.

4.After installation, the gap between aluminum-plastic panels will be treated with a beautiful adhesive or structural adhesive in general. The color of the structural adhesive should be selected in accordance with the overall decorative style, such as silver-grey aluminum-plastic panel, champagne-color aluminum-plastic panel. , can use the same type of structural adhesive color.