Curtain wall material PK cost-effective king curtain wall aluminum plastic plate

Now people choose the wall materials must take into account many factors such as beautiful, strong, durable and so on. There are many kinds of wall decoration materials, but which one is the king of cost-effectiveness? Let me give you comparisons.

1.aluminum composite panel VS aluminum veneer

Aluminum veneers have long been used in curtain wall decoration, but have been declining.The reason is that the aluminum veneers have poor compressive strength, they are easily deformed and fall off, and the unit price is high and it is difficult to control the cost.

The middle core layer of aluminum-plastic composite sheet is PE material, compounded by two layers of aluminum up and down, with various styles, strong plasticity, easy processing, and not easy to be deformed. It also has fireproof grade, and its cost is lower than that of aluminum veneers.

Result: Aluminium-plastic board wins.

2.Aluminium plastic plate VS ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is traditional metope adornment material.However, the decorative effect of special tiles for external walls is definitely behind that of aluminum-plastic panels.Tiles are quite discolored and cannot be cleaned after years of use.In addition,the resistance of ceramic tile is very poor.At the same time, curtain wall aluminum plastic plate can do a variety of modeling, it’s plasticity is strong.

Result: Aluminium-plastic board wins

3. Aluminum plastic board VS coating

Brush fire retardant coating is a good choice today, but most of the external wall paint has strong ordor, volatile toxic gases, while the external wall just dazzling for a short period after brushing, but it’s not waterproof and resistant to moisture, in a few years, the outer wall began to have large flake decoloring, causing mottled walls.
Alusign art fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel adopts FEVE fluorocarbon creatively for its surface, and its UV resistance and weather resistance are better than traditional curtain wall aluminum-plastic composite panels to meet the requirements of high-grade weather resistance grades.At present, Alusign art fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel can already be made a variety of color patterns. Secondly, the ceramic tile has holes, which are certainly invisible by naked eyes. The use of discoloration is quite severe and can’t be cleaned for years.

Result: Aluminium-plastic board wins.