Cost of aluminium plastic board

Now, aluminium composite board market have different price, even though type, thickness, the wire number of aluminum material are the same. Why is it ?


1.“Dry” and “Wet” systems

ACM is commonly classified into two main types of distinct applications: “Dry” and “Wet” systems.

  • Wet” systems

Wet” systems utilize caulking at panel joints to prevent water infiltration. Although fabricated material costs are typically cheaper with wet systems, labor costs can increase due to large amount of caulking that is required at panel joints.

Maintenance costs should also be considered as caulking can fail over time.

  • Dry” systems

Dry type ACM provides a watertight rain screen using engineered extrusion systems that conceal drainage through the use of baffles and weep holes.  Fabricated Dry systems are slightly more expensive. However, because they can be more efficient to assemble, and because they require significantly less caulking, labor costs can offset material costs.

2.Specific factors to cost

  • Small Quantities vs. Large Quantities

One of the main cost-driven areas of ACM lies with the prefinished color selection of the exterior finish surface of the panel. Custom or special colors add a whole new dimension to the project by increasing lead times and requiring minimum quantities of plank material to be ordered. Additional costs are built into the orders through items such as setup fees and various surcharges.

ACM is also affected by economies of scale as it relates to project production and overhead rates. Efficiency usually increases through repetition. Buying power increases as volume increases.

  • Seasonal Effect on Work

Because ACM is installed outside and exposed to the earth’s elements, so are the laborers/installers. Kind care and consideration must be considered when finalizing production rates.

  • Geographical Location

The further away the project is from the home office, the more expensive manpower.

Travel and subsistence have a direct impact on project costs, while long drives/trips by project management tie up valuable resources in the home office.

General conditions, labor rates, freight and taxes are all affected by the project’s geographical location and need to be accounted for.

3.The core material of aluminum plastic board is different

The core material of aluminum-plastic composite board is divided into clinker and raw material, clinker is expensive, raw material is cheap.  The aluminum plastic plate with high price is generally made of clinker, and the aluminum plastic plate made of clinker has reached the national enterprise index. The aluminum plastic board made of raw materials is easy to break, the slot is easy to bend at a discount, it is also easy to drum, and the indicators are not up to the national enterprise index. The aluminum-plastic board made of raw materials is easy to break, and it is also easy to drum up. The indicators do not meet the targets of national companies.

4.The coating of aluminum plastic plate is differed

Some use nanometer self-cleaning fluorocarbon coatings, some use ordinary coatings.

5.The thickness of the aluminum skin can not reach standard

Some aluminium plastic board is 18 silk obviously, but use to sell as 21 silk, with inferior fill good.

6.sell interior wall panels as exterior panels

The interior wall aluminum-plastic panel is relatively cheap compared to the exterior aluminum-plastic panel.

7.The cost of aluminum plastic board to reach the destination

Although the price of some aluminum plastic plates is low, it does not include freight.

From the above points of view, do not only pay attention to the price when buying aluminum-plastic panels. It depends on the quality assurance period, the cost of reaching the destination, and whether the manufacturers are legal. On the market, the same quality, the same specifications, the same type of aluminum-plastic plate, the price is basically the same, online sales cheaper than physical stores.