How to check and maintain aluminum plastic board?

1.Prevent dust and oil from contaminating aluminum plates:

Prolonged use will cause the surface of Aluminum composite panel to collect more dust and oil,this requires the necessary cleaning and maintenance of aluminum-plastic panels,Otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of aluminum-plastic board.

When cleaning and maintaining the  aluminum  composite plate, choose soft fabrics to wipe it gently.

 2.Choose high quality aluminum plastic plate manufacturer products:

There is  a wide range of aluminum-plastic panel manufacturers on the market, and their qualities are uneven.

Aluminum-plastic panel manufacturers with good reputation should be selected for purchase because aluminum-plastic panels with poor quality are relatively easy to deform.

3.  Inspect  aluminum-plastic panels frequently.

If it is used as curtain wall decoration material, the aluminum plastic board is often placed in the outdoor environment and subjected to sun, rain, wind and other abrasion for a long time, some drops may occur. So Aluminum plastic plate of curtain wall should be inspected frequently to fill the vacancy timely to prevent the corrosion and rust of metal caused by rain water entering the dragon frame.