Can aluminum composite panels replace aluminum veneers?

Aluminum veneers and aluminum-plastic panels have been used as metal sheet curtain wall materials that have been used for decades, making a significant contribution to our production and life. The appearance of aluminum veneers was the earliest, and it was widely recognized and welcomed by consumers. However, in the 1960s and 1970s, aluminum-plastic composite panels appeared and quickly occupied a part of the global market.

Although the color of the aluminum veneer can be arbitrarily selected, the wind deformation resistance is high, and the construction process is much simpler. However, with the appearance of Aluminobond aluminum composite panel products and continuous upgrading, not only the surface technology and various patterns can be achieved. At the same time, it has the advantages of aluminum veneers and quickly occupied a certain position in the market. Among the current decorative materials, the possibility that aluminum-plastic panels replace aluminum veneers becomes more apparent.

1.From the view of coost

The price of aluminum plastic board is dozens of yuan to several hundred yuan per square meter, while the price of aluminum single board is several times that of aluminum plastic board, few customers can afford this high price.

2.From the point of processing time

Aluminium composite panel can be bought in the market very easily, and because aluminum veneer manufacturing process is complicated, customers need to place an order, so the waiting time is longer, it is not a good thing for the urgent need of the customer.

3.From the perspective of installation

Aluminum veneers can not achieve on-site cutting, and the accuracy and performance requirements of the construction drawings are high, while the aluminum-plastic composite panels are reversed, which will not cause rework and increase costs, therefore, aluminium composite panels  are favored by many customers.

According to the current market situation, the domestic aluminum plastic board has a place in the low-end market due to its low cost advantage. Aluminobond aluminum plastic board pursues product quality and performance, and will continue to maintain the brand spirit of Chinese quality products in the middle and high-end market.