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Chinese New Year Holidays Notice

Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is around the corner, Aluminobond have a holiday from January 29th to February 6th. In order not to affect your work, the company will arrange employees to be on duty during the holiday so that your problem you may confront can…

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What do you need to know before installing ACP?

With the popularity of aluminum composite panels, we can clearly see that: Aluminium composite panel processing performance is very strong, and structural characteristics are clear, whether decorative or practical from the past to now is the leading building materials. But many people do not…

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The production process of ACP Panels

The production process of Aluminobond aluminum panel has the following procedures: ingredients — cutting — planing — cutting Angle — bending — forming plate — reinforcing — reinspection.   Ingredients: Select the data model, specification and color according to the order received by the…

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How to check and maintain aluminum composite panel?

Today, the  aluminum-plastic composite board manufacturers -Aluminobond would like to tell everyone how to inspect and maintain the aluminum-plastic board in daily life. 1.The aluminum plate to prevent dust and oil pollution:Prolonged use will cause the surface of Aluminobond Aluminum composite panel to collect…

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The history of the aluminum composite panels.

The aluminum-plastic composite panel is a new type of decorative material, which is a composite of aluminum and plastic, which dates back to the 1960s. At that time, researchers at Swiss Aluminium proposed the idea of ​​combining aluminum alloy sheets with various other materials,…

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Aluminobond, famous acp brand in China.

Aluminobond, founded in 1998, after 20 years of development, the company has now become a set casting, extrusion, oxidation, electrophoresis, spraying, wood grain, heat insulation broken bridge, deep processing and testing center in a body’s modernized enterprise, and has the perfect detection system. The…

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How to identify fireproof acp panels simply?

The fireproof performance of ACP is mainly determined by its core material. Different core materials have different fireproof grades. The core material of authentic B1 fire-resistant aluminum-plastic composite panel is halogen-free flame-retardant polyethylene. In addition, it contains a large amount of activated inorganic flame retardant,…

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