Bending tips of aluminum plastic plate of curtain wall corner

The application scope of aluminum plastic curtain wall has been extended to construction site decoration, includng interior and exterior wall, door head sign, window screen partition ,etc.
And the bending is the most basic modeling process of aluminum-plastic composite panels, which is easy to adapt to a variety of design and decoration sites. Today, we mainly talk about several common bending techniques for aluminum-plastic composite panels.

1.Bending at 90 degrees right angle

Right Angle bending of 90 degrees is one of the most commonly used aluminum plastic plate processing technology, generally speaking, manufacturers use grooved edge folding

2.Rounded bend

Rounded bend means that the corners of the aluminum plate in the wall can be rounded to deal with it intentionally. It is an overall effect of a smooth corner transition. It is no longer a traditional angular effect, and the safety factor is also relatively high.
Strictly speaking, this is not a folding process, but a roll arc process, and the number of degrees and arc length can be customized according to the drawing design.

3.It bends at an Angle of 135 degrees

The 135-degree angled bend is based on a 90-degree right-angle bend,adding a plane, which can be customized at any angle according to the needs of the project.