Analysis of aluminum composite panel quality problem ——board surface bubbling

The reason for the bubbling of the aluminum-plastic board surface is that the core sheet is extruded with no-melt matter, which causes the surface of the core board to be uneven. When the roll is pressed, the air can not be completely extruded during roller compaction, which blocks the sufficient adhesion of the plate layer and causes foam on the board surface.

When the surface of the bubbling is peeled, there are signs of poor bonding around the bubbling.

These infusibles may be other impurities mixed in the plastic particles, or other plastic particles, whose melting point is much higher than that of polyethylene, It can not be melted in the barrel and is blocked on the side of the stainless steel mesh sheet. When it is gathered to a certain extent, the filter will be extruded together to cause the core board to bubbling.If it is too large, it will get stuck in the die, which will cause deep impression on the surface of the core board, and also cause quality problems of the board surface.

To solve the problem of bubbling, we can use the perforation plate with a certain aperture far less than the thickness of the core plate to filter, so that the perforation phenomenon will not be caused and the bubbling problem can be solved.