Aluminum plastic plate — the function of protective film

Protective mould is a simple abbreviation used in the aluminum plastic plate industry. It is a layer of plastic film on the aluminum plastic plate, whose purpose is to protect the aluminum plastic board surface from being damaged during transportation and installation, so that the surface of the aluminum plastic board is as clean and new as possible, and it will play a decorative role.

The protective film of aluminum plastic plate not only protects the aluminum plastic plate surface that is produced well from damage in handling, transportation, processing and installation, but more importantly in the process of aluminum plastic plate processing, The first is to be used before the aluminum composite board is cut, to protect the aluminum composite board from being damaged when it is cut, and secondly to participate in the final customer’s processing of the products and installation of  the whole process, to ensure that the product has no trace and no damage.

Above is the role and effect of the aluminum plastic plate protective film in the aluminum plastic plate industry.