Aluminum-plastic board factory reveals the design of aluminum-plastic curtain wall panel installation for you

Aluminobond art fluorocarbon aluminum-plastic curtain wall panel plates can be fastened to beams or columns with bolts, pressure plates or hooks,which can be fasten to beams or columns along both sides by means of hook connection.The diameter of the fixing bolt should not be less than 4mm, and the number of bolts should be determined after calculation according to the wind load and seismic action of the plate.Hooks should be equipped with anti-noise gaskets.

The thickness of the pendant or corner of Aluminobond aluminum-plastic composite panel curtain wall panel should not be less than 3mm. The material can be selected from aluminum alloy materials or steel materials that meet the current national standards.Rivets or anchors used to attach pendants or corners to panels are preferably stainless steel. The diameter and number of rivets, screws or bolts should be determined by calculation.The distance from the center of the rivet, screw or bolt hole to the edge of the plate should not be less than 2 times of the hole diameter, and the center of the hole should not be less than 3 times of the hole diameter.