Aluminobond Big Aluminum Composite Panels Sale in September

Aluminobond September sale

This activity is very simple: you place an order, Aluminobond will send you an Apple product as a gift.

Two orders, two gifts.

And so on.

Apple Macbook

Just in this September, here is the details:

  1. If you buy 1 container alucobond panels, one iPad as gift!
  2. If you buy 2 containers alucobond panels, one iPhone as gift!
  3. If you buy 3 containers alucobond panels, one MacBook computer as gift!
  4. If you buy more than 3 containers, gifts will continue to be stacked in accordance with the above principles.

make good choices

Whats more, if you buy alucobond panels with Aluminobond, we will send you Apple product as your gift.

If you introduce your friend to buy alucobond panels from us, we will give you the same Apple products!


A large number of iPads, iPhones and apple MacBooks are piling up in our warehouse. These apple series products will be presented to our customers in September.

Do you want free Apple products? Don’t hesitate to contact us now.

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