Aluminobond aluminum plastic board manufacturers talked a little bit about the difference between aluminum plastic plate and Aluminum buckle plate

Aluminum plastic board is a new type of decorative building material, commonly used in the modern construction industry. It is widely used , making the building more solid and beautiful.

Aluminum-plastic panel, as the name implies, is a kind of plate made of aluminum material, and the use scope of aluminum-plastic panel is different from Aluminum buckle plate’s, and it cannot be compared with Aluminum buckle plate.

However, there is always someone who mixes the aluminum-plastic board and the aluminum buckle board. Today, the square board of manufacturer of aluminum-plastic board of fosha will say that the differences between the aluminum-plastic board and the aluminum buckle board are different.

Aluminum buckle plate: It is a ceiling material made of aluminum alloy plate, usually aluminum-magnesium alloy.

From the aspect of shape it can be divided into two categories: square plate and strip plate. it can be divided into spray plate, peritoneum plate, roller plate from the treatment process of surface.

Among them, the peritoneal plate is suitable for home use with the advantages of high cost performance, easy cleaning and anti-discoloration.

Aluminium plastic board: It is a sandwich structure. The middle core is a polymer plastic. The front and back sides are laminated with a thin aluminum plate.