Aluminobond aluminum plastic board, architect’s choice – Stone pattern series

In 2017, Aluminobond aluminum plastic panels teamed up with Chenshe Lichuang Designers’ office . to create the canteen project of Guangzhou iniversity.The project has three floors, and its total area is 7300 square meters.

With the change of the student’s age structure, young students of the 90s prefer unfettered environment and relaxed dining experience.Therefore, innovative space experience can provide students with a better service environment and dining services.Designers abandoned traditional old building materials and chose Aluminobond aluminum plastic board as a new type of building material for design

The project’s design concept:Take the form that differs from existing university canteen as a starting point,utilize features of Aluminobond aluminum plastic board such as various surface patterns, waterproof, insect-resistant, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and high plasticity, etc.Breaking down the single function, poor experience, lack of due vitality and humanistic care space design of traditional university canteen to creat a comfortable ,warm and natural dining space.

In the application of materials, stripe ceiling can not only solve fire problems, but also achieve better sound absorption effect, enhancing the sense of space height.The room is filled with warm beige Aluminobond wooden wall decorations, which create a warm feeling for students who are far away from home.