Aluminium composite panel production line

1. Aluminium composite panel production line

Aluminum composite panel line, it is a new technology machine, whose panel consists of two layers of aluminum sheet sandwiching a polyethylene core produced from a continuous extrusion process.


  • Big Cost Saving- Million Dollars per Year
  • Environment-Friendly -100% recyclable materials
  • More Competitive Price
  • Easy operating . existing acp product line just set up on one control panel . and the operator just accords with required parameter to set up each control part is ok . needn’t depend on the producted situation and adjustment any part . it is more easy for operating .
  • low malfunction

3.Benefit of CES ACP line and traditional ACP line

 CES ACP line with Internal MixerTwin Screw Extrusion ACP line (TSE)Single Screw Extrusion ACP line (SSE)
Extrusion designTwin screw feeder + Single screw extruderTwin screw extruderSingle screw extruder
Extrusion for FREasyHardVery Difficult
Screw consumption/wear offLowHighHigh
Energy CostLowHighMedium
Core material for regular panelsLDPE (40%) + Filler (60%)LDPE (50%) + CaCo3 (50%)100% Recycle LDPE
Cost saving efficiency for regular panels35% over saving than TSE ,55% over saving than SSE25% over saving than SSENo saving
Core material for FR panelsLDPE (35%) + Al(OH)3 + FillerLDPE (35%) + Al(OH)3 (65%)FR-B1 pellet
Cost saving efficiency for FR panels15% over saving than TSE
65% over saving than SSE
50% over saving than SSE


No saving