The Aluminium Composite Panel–One of the Decorative Material

The decorative materials are divided into two parts: one is an outdoor material and the other is an indoor material. The indoor materials are subdivided into five types: stone, board, sheet, profile and wire. Decorative plates are the general term of all plates, mainly including: blockboard, plywood, decorative panels, MDF, laminated timber, particleboard, fireproof board, gypsum board, PVC board, aluminum buckle board, aluminum-plastic board, three-dimensional board, etc.

1.The concept of aluminum composite panel
The aluminium plastic composite panel is composed of thin aluminum layer and a plastic layer. The aluminium composite panel is divided into single-sided aluminum composite panel and double-sided aluminum composite panel. The thickness is generally about 3-5 mm.

2.The application of aluminum composite panel
The aluminum plastic panel is well decorated and used in feature walls, showcases, kitchen and bathroom ceilings, etc.

3.The selection of aluminum composite panel
When purchasing aluminum-plastic composite panels, we should use a vernier caliper to measure whether the thickness meets the requirements, and then prepare the magnet to check whether it is iron or aluminum.