The advantages of Aluminobond polyvinylidene fluoride aluminum plastic composite board

1. Waterproof:

It will not be corroded when faced with wind and rain.

2. Weather resistance:

aluminium plastic composite panel can not be faded under the environment of high temperature and sunlight. It can be used for 10 to 15 years and is durable.

3. Self-cleaning property:

aluminum plastic board is widely used in exterior walls. It is also easy to clean due to its self-cleaning property and remains brilliant for many years.

4. Easy installation and modeling:

the aluminum plastic board has the characteristics of easy modeling, simple construction, good decorative effect. The color is rich and bright, and the color can be changed to maintain the freshness of the building.

5. Safety and environmental protection:

Non-toxic and environment-friendly plate, which will not cause “light pollution”, no radiation, no potential safety risks of falling, etc.

Aluminobond aluminium plastic composite panel adopts strict and standardized management on product quality, strives to be dedicated and professional, and devotes itself to building aluminum-plastic panel brand. It is the leading company in the national aluminum-plastic panel industry. The company’s products are also exported to ASEAN, South Asia, Central Asia, South Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia, Argentina, Japan, India, Singapore and other regions and countries.