Aluminum Composite Panels- What you need to know

A very important part of man and humanity is the home or place we live. Over the years, man helped by technological advancement and inventions have been able to improve the durability, decor, beauty, strength and simplicity of their abode and the building industry is not anyway strange to all of these. One of the materials used in building is the Aluminum and the ACP Panel is a topic to discuss. What are Aluminum Composite Panels? How are Aluminum Composite Panels Applicable? What are the Merits and Demerits of Aluminum Composite Panels? All these questions will be answered in a very explicit manner in this article.


What are Aluminum Composite Panels?

Aluminum Composite Panels are made of two aluminum panels that have a non-aluminum core or material in between them holding them together as a glue. The non-aluminum sheet core or material that serves as glue holding them together is usually a polyethylene of low Mass to Volume ratio. The panels are made into different and various sizes and dimension with a standard size of four millimeters panel. The ACP Panel is used in homes, offices and many other buildings.

How is ACP Panel’s Applicable?

The panels are very lightweight and still compactly held together as a unit. Its application is very impressive as it can be used in different areas of homes and building. The Aluminum composite Panels can be used to decorate interior part of homes and offices. It can be coated with PVDF that will prevent the panels from fading off. The Aluminum panels due to its ability to be folded into desired shape and sizes, is suitable for use as columns, partitions, noise-proof walls, rail coaches, false ceilings, interior walls, escalator cladding and many more. They are also applicable in outdoor works like factory buildings, petrol pumps, Bus stands, shopping malls and sport centers and much more due to its durability. It is also ideal for signage because of its polished and attractive appearance.

What are the Merits and Demerits?

Certainly, the ACP Panel have lots of advantages to count on but also with few disadvantages.


  • When used as a cladding material, it is the most economical option in that regard.
  • Aluminum Composite panel is a material that combines rigidity, durability and strength with lightness of weight.
  • It is unbreakable and stain-proof while it is also resistant to adverse effects of weather. This means it retains good look every time.
  • Aluminum panels can be used to reproduce the color and glow of natural stones because it is available in different color and finishes.
  • It is also made in standard sizes and dimensions and hence, makes transporting the panels hassle-free.



  • Aluminum Composite Panels can be dented by storms, hurricane and other disasters but this can be averted as manufacturers now reinforce the panels.
  • Water leaks and penetration may occur through the aluminum panel if not properly sealed.


With the information well explained above about the Aluminum Composite Panels, am sure you now know some tips about the panel and its usage. This may trigger you to want to buy aluminum Panels. Be careful not to buy plastic panels posed as Aluminum panels by some fraudulent companies.