90% of people do not know how much toxic substance is hidden in our house.

1.What’s REACH certification?

REACH certification can be said to be the highest standard of the world’s daily chemical products, the requirements are very strict, and few domestic product brands have received this certification.
90% of consumers do not know that the building decoration products that we have contacted all day can also detect how much poisonous substance is hidden by REACH!

REACH is the abbreviation of the EU Regulations “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals” and is a EU-established regulatory proposal concerning the safety of production, trade, and use of chemicals.

2. Scope of REACH

Unlike the RoHS Directive, REACH involves a much broader scope. The directive mainly includes registration, evaluation, authorization, and restrictions.Any commodity must have a registration file listing the chemical composition and explain how the manufacturer uses these chemicals and toxicity assessment reports.Any daily product produced in the European Union or imported into the EU market must pass the registration, inspection and approval of the content of hazardous chemical substances. Once it exceeds the prescribed content, it must not be sold in the EU market.

The REACH regulation is mainly aimed at strict requirements on the concentration of substances of very high concern (SVHC, ie substances harmful to the environment and human body) contained in products. The upper limit of each detailed indicator is 1%, and the lower limit is 0.1%.

3. Aluminobond is in full compliance with REACH regulations.

After testing, the content of 86 high-concentration substances in Aluminobond aluminum plastic plates is less than 0.1%, which is in full compliance with REACH regulations.The passing of this certification not only indicates that Aluminobond aluminum-plastic panel is a green product that meets the requirements of European Union regulations and standards, but also means that Aluminobond aluminum-plastic panel obtains the “pass” for export to the European Union, indicating that its product is recognized by the national standard and can be exported to most countries around the world.