2m width aluminum composite panel

Since the development of aluminum-plastic panels, more and more customers have appeared a lot of personalized needs, in order to  achieve a spectacular appearance on the basis of  the excellent properties such as strength, precision, fireproof and so on, many  customers want to buy 2m ultra-wide aluminum-plastic panels for their projects.

In China, only a few companies can produce 2m width aluminum composite panels. Since Aluminobond has been insisting on various innovations in technical processes, it has successfully produced high-tech, high-quality products such as 2m ultra-wide aluminum plastic panels, aluminum corrugated core composite panel,   A2 fire-resistant aluminum composite panels, etc. Aluminobond has become a one-stop sourcing supplier of high quality metal composite building materials at home and abroad.

Our company has a world-class aluminum coil coating production line. The whole process adopts PLC programming and Lenze frequency conversion control to ensure uniform color. The aluminum-plastic plate production line imported from Taiwan Haotai is simple and mature. We also have a high-speed aluminum-plastic panel production line imported from Germany, which subverts the traditional aluminum-plastic panel production concept and adopts the co-extrusion compounding method, which has the characteristics of high production efficiency, high automation and strong adaptability to raw materials.

The high-speed aluminum-plastic panel production line imported from Germany can easily complete the production task of 6MM-20MM thickness under the same energy consumption compared with the traditional production line, ensuring the strength of the aluminum-plastic panel. The widest width can be 2000 mm. It has greatly solved the use of materials and accessories, and has also met the requirements of large-scale and large-span construction, reflecting the unique design style.

The unique disadvantages of 2m width acp panels

  • The 2 meter width can meet the needs of large span and large format design, and can be perfectly combined with other ultra-wide materials such as glass.
  • Excellent flatness, durability and strength. Greatly reduce the possibility of water seepage between plates.
  • The wider plate is suitable for all kinds of specifications, which can effectively save auxiliary materials such as keel and installation cost, and reduce the waste of corner materials.

Our advantage


  • Products are manufactured with the high-purity aluminum sheets, with the combination of advanced science and technology and high-precision devices.
  • The company possesses 4 production lines for Aluminum corrugated composite panel whose annual output is 3.5 million square meters.
  • Aluminobond is renowned for its high quality and cost-effective aluminum composite panel. The product catalogue of us is one of the most complete product lineups in the industry.
  • Various design,colors and textures of aluminum composite panel is available, Aluminobond lays a lot of emphasis on R & D, efficiency and consistent production.

Aluminobond  Qualification


  • Registered with a capital of 10 million RMB, we have a dedicated staff of over 1000 employees, with annual revenues of 400 million RMB,
  • We have passed the rigorous inspections of the National building materials testing center, and ISO9001 certificate,CE certificate, ASTM standards certificate, SGS certificate is also available at Aluminobond.
  • The Chinese Construction Center designated us as a “Triple-A Enterprise” for national construction systems, and we are recognized as a “Top 10 Quality Brand” in the domestic building materials industry.