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The operating room of the hospital is decorated with aluminum-plastic panels. Is it antibacterial?

The hospital operating room is a place for patients to provide surgery and rescue, and is an important technical department of the hospital. Grasp the management of the four ways of surgical wound infection, namely: the air in the operating room of the hospital; the items needed for hospital surgery; the fingers of the doctor and nurse and the skin of the patient to prevent infection and ensure the success rate of the operation. The design is reasonable and well-equipped, and the nurses are responsive, quick, and efficient. The hospital operating room must have a strict and reasonable set of rules and regulations and aseptic operation specifications.
With the rapid development of surgical techniques, the operating room is becoming more modern. The decoration of the operating room of the hospital is also more and more stressful. There are many hospital operating rooms that will be decorated with aluminum-plastic panels. Does the aluminum-plastic panel have antibacterial effect? Also pay attention to those problems when decorating?
The problem to be noticed in the decoration:
   1. Safe and non-toxic, environmentally friendly sheet
   2. Special effects with antibacterial effect
   3. Easy to clean and easy to install
   4. Perfect pre-sales service
Aluminum composite panel decoration benefits:
   1. The aluminum-plastic panel has obtained the non-toxic test certificate, which is the environmentally-friendly plate in the true sense.
   2. The surface of the aluminum-plastic panel is compounded with PET color film, which has antibacterial effect and avoids the breeding of germs.
   3. PET color film surface, easy to clean, aluminum plastic panel is easy to install, no need to wait for the taste after decoration
   4. Factory direct sales, product quality is guaranteed, eliminating the difference between middlemen and saving costs.

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Wood grain aluminum composite panel.

Wood grain aluminum plastic plate: The surface effect of the wood grain aluminum-plastic panel is made by imitating the wood grain texture, which is more realistic and textured. Aluminobond wood-grained aluminum-plastic composite panel adopts international advanced new pattern decoration material. The pattern is high-grade…

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How much do you know about custom cabinets?

Nowadays, no matter what type of house, custom cabinets have entered many homes and become an indispensable home space in the home. The main function of the custom cabinet is to store clothes, which is favored by consumers. So how much do you know about custom cabinets?

Custom cabinet considerations:

1. Pay attention to whether the materials are environmentally friendly.

   The environmental protection grade of the board can be divided into: EO grade (≤0.6mg/L), E1 grade (≤1.6mg/L), and E2 grade (≤5.6mg/L).

2. Pay attention to material quality

   Look at the quality of the material, because the quality of the material determines the service life of the wardrobe, in addition to the hardware, sheet surface, adhesive and other details.

3. Pay attention to sales service

   To choose reliable after-sales service, the problem is even more assured.

The selection of custom cabinet product :

1.Particle board

   The particleboard is made by high temperature processing, and the two sides of the tissue are pressed into a plate with fine wood fibers. The characteristic is that it is not easy to be deformed and the nail holding power is good. The disadvantage is the curved section treatment, which requires high processing machinery.

2. MDF

   The main features of the MDF are good surface flatness, high strength, uniform density and easy processing. The disadvantage is that the water resistance is poor and it is easily deformed.

3. Aluminum composite panel

   The aluminum-plastic composite board belongs to the new decorative board, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, free of formaldehyde and other harmful gas hazards. It has the relevant national certificate and is safe and reliable. In addition, the aluminum-plastic panel has many color styles, and the installation is made of glass glue, which is convenient and quick, and the aluminum-plastic panel has waterproof and moisture-proof characteristics and has a long service life. Widely used in wardrobes, cabinet decoration!

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How to identify roll-coated aluminum composite panels and peritoneal aluminum composite panels?

1. The identification of the hand.

The surface of the coated aluminum gusset plate is the temperature of the plastic, and the hand feel is warmer; the surface temperature of the roller-coated aluminum gusset plate is the temperature of the metal, and the hand feel is cooler.

2. Listen to the sound identification.

Lightly hit the center of the laminated aluminum gusset, the laminated aluminum gusset will make a dull sound; tap the center of the roller-coated aluminum gusset, and the roller-coated aluminum gusset will make a crisper sound.

3. Identify with a pair of scissors.

Look at the edge of the board with a pair of scissors to see if it can be separated. If it is a laminated sheet, the surface film is easily separated by the scissors. If it is a roll-coated sheet, it can't be knocked off with a pair of scissors.

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What’s antistatic aluminum composite panel?

1.Definition of antistatic aluminum composite panel: The antistatic aluminum-plastic panel is coated with an anti-static coating, and the surface resistivity is below 109 Ω, which is less than the surface resistivity of the ordinary aluminum-plastic panel, so that it is not easy to generate…

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Do you want to identify the authenticity of fire aluminum plastic plate?

The fireproof performance of ACP is mainly determined by its core material. Different core materials have different fireproof grades.

The core material of authentic B1 fire-resistant aluminum-plastic composite panel is halogen-free flame-retardant polyethylene. In addition, it contains a large amount of activated inorganic flame retardant, which is generally white in color. In terms of appearance, the peeling surface and the cross section are both white.

The surface and section of the counterfeit B1 fireproof aluminum-plastic panel are generally grayish white and dark white; the core material of ordinary aluminum composite panel is generally black.

There are also many polyethylenes on the market that are colored white to pretend to be the core material of fire resistant aluminum composite panels. Therefore, the authenticity of the fireproof aluminum-plastic panel is really required to be identified by professional instruments.

Every piece of alucoworld aluminum-plastic panel is strictly controlled in every process. And we have many certificates of honor, the quality of all our products is guaranteed.

 Want to know more information? You are welcome to visite our website: http://www.aluminobond.com/

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What building materials do you use to decorate your home? Aluminum composite panel or Aluminum veneer?

Many people face difficulties in the decoration of the house. On the one hand, they have the expectation of the new home. On the other hand, they face the colorful and dazzling decoration materials on the market. In the face of numerous products, users are indeed a bit stunned to choose, especially for many people who have no experience in housing. In order to facilitate everyone's choice, today I will introduce to you: home decoration, whether to choose aluminum veneer or aluminum composite panel.

1.The appearance of beauty

There are two types of aluminum veneers, fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneers and roller coatings, while aluminum-plastic composite panels have developed various processes such as roll coating, drawing, laminating, embossing, mirroring, etc., which are more abundant in color and pattern selection. Diverse.

2.Materials and cost

AA3003 aluminum alloy plate, generally used 2.5mm thick AA3003 aluminum alloy plate; aluminum-plastic composite board generally adopts 3-4mm three-layer structure, including two upper and lower 0.5mm sandwiched with PVC or PE. We can see from the material that the cost of aluminum-plastic composite panels is definitely much lower than that of aluminum veneers. The current market is probably 4mm thick composite board is lower than the price of 2.5mm thick Aabout 20 dollars / square, a 10,000 square project, the use of aluminum composite panel will be lower than the use of aluminum veneer to reduce the cost of 20 thousnad dollars.
However, the aluminum veneer on the market is positioned at a low level, and the aluminum-plastic plate is divided into different grades according to the thickness of the aluminum skin and the quality and thickness of the intermediate plastic.

3. Processing performance

     The aluminum-plastic panel can be used for slotting and turning, turning construction, etc. It is suitable for various occasions, but the aluminum veneer can not be slotted, bent, and the bonding effect is not as good as the aluminum-plastic panel.

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Why choose Aluminobond?

01 Lower Cost

We own both painting line and composite line , which saves the price difference of the purchase of painting aluminum coil.
The aluminum supplier is southwest aluminum industry,which is the most powerful supplier in China .

02 Our Equipments

The company has a total of 11 extrusion production lines, a fully automatic oxidation electrophoresis production line, a vertical and horizontal spray production line, a variety of advanced production support, processing and testing equipment.


03 Aluminobond is in Shanghai, China.

  •  Talents
    Because of the charm and great challenges of the big city, it has attracted a large number of talents to enter Shanghai.
  • Many Ports
    There are many ports in Shanghai, which also provides a favorable geographical location for transporting goods.

04 International Trade Department

The company set up special international trade department with smooth communication and first-rate pre-sales and after-sales service with professional quality.

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