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Brief description of fireproof aluminium composite sheet

Flame-retardant aluminum plastic board refers to the selection of flame-retardant core materials for aluminum plastic board, and the combustion performance of the product reaches the refractory grade (class B1) or non-combustible grade (class A); At the same time, other performance indicators must also meet the technical…

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The method of recycling aluminum plastic board

Many customers must have heard from the salesperson when buying aluminum composite panels, aluminum composite panels are a new type of environmentally-friendly building materials, and everyone may wonder: why they said aluminum composite panels are environmental?  In fact, the environmental protection of aluminum composite…

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How to check and maintain aluminum plastic board?

1.Prevent dust and oil from contaminating aluminum plates: Prolonged use will cause the surface of Aluminum composite panel to collect more dust and oil,this requires the necessary cleaning and maintenance of aluminum-plastic panels,Otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of aluminum-plastic board. When…

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